Offshoring , a national strategy

– Since 2005, the industrial strategy of Morocco considers offshoring as one of the 7 key sectors for development, alongside automobile, aeronautic, electronic, food industry, textile and sea products transformation sectors.

– Since 2009, the National Pact for Industrial Emergence is made in the context of mobilization & coordination of State & economic operators’ actions, to build a strong industrial sector & create a growth virtuous circle.

– Development of offshoring sector is based upon 4 initiatives:

The offer Morocco Offshoring
An ambitious training program adapted to the sector
Dedicated integrated industrial platforms
– Success of offshoring in Morocco is currently reflected by 55000 jobs created in activities such as call centers and more than 3000 other jobs, generated in other offshoring activities such as financial & administrative services, engineering, design & RD, development & maintenance of information systems…

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