Region of Tangier Tetouan

The region of Tangier Tetouan has a highly strategic geographical position. With an area of 11570 km², the region is located at the extreme North-west of the Kingdom of Morocco, at only 14 km of the European continent. Furthermore, the region of Tangier Tetouan is situated at the head of the regions receiving foreign direct investments in Morocco, after Grand Casablanca.

Tangier Tetouan is a region with a number of inhabitants exceeding 2.5 million. Therefore, it benefits from an important skilled labour force together with a very rich higher education network, including a university (UAE) which hosts more than 45.000 students.

Development of the region relies on a strong road & rail network and on one of the biggest ports of the Mediterranean Sea (Tangier Med), besides an international airport which can receive 1.5 million passengers per year, with an average of 20 international flights per week.

Finally, the region is connected to submarine optic cables networks (Eurafrica & Sea-Me-We), reinforced by a third cable connecting Asilah from the Moroccan side to Marseilles from the French side (Atlas Offshore). This connection reinforces Internet broadband services offer capacities & secures the existing international links.


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